The Function of Followers gadget

When we are on the Layout Page, we can to click the "Add a Gadget" feature. And then, we can see many gadget available to apply in our blog in it. But, in this post we will discust about "Followers" gadget, what the function? the function is our Visitors blog can join/ follow our blog with the purpose to get an/more update post in our blog into their Dashboard directly. How it work?

>> The visitors click the follow button.

>> So they follow our Blog.

>> The next, if in our blog there is an update post, then will be sent directly to their Blogger Dashboard (Reading List).

So, the followers gadget has a benefit. That is to keep our blog visitors to visit our blog again at other time.

How, have you installed followers gadget into your blog?^

Hopefully Helpfull, Good Luck []

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