Simple Step to Generate Link with Open New Tab Type

Before, i have discussed about "How to create the hyperlink". And we know now, how to create it with some HTML codes. Of course, we can create hyperlink with many style, such as text style or image style. In this post, we will discuss about, how to create link with open in new tab type with the simple steps, may be we can call it with "manual trick".

By the way, we can look at the sample link below (Click please, to know the effect):
Blogger Tutorial

What happen? Yes, the link opened in new tab. To create it, we just depend the Blogger tools in our Blogger account. The first, you must login to your account (make sure that you want to create a new post, can now to go to post creating page). And than, begin to write some text (in the wall post with the "Edit HTML mode" ) => and don't forget to provide an URL link as a link from that text. For example, i will use "Blogger Tutorial" as the text and "" as the URL link. Now the steps:

1. Block the text please
2. And than click the hyperlink generator tool:
3. Fill in the mini popup with the link you will, look at creenshot below

4. The output from above step, likes below

In This step, we have created a link. But it still a link with not open new tab type. To make it as Link with open new tab type, we just need for add some additional code, that is like below:


And the last, the code will like below:

Real Mode:

<a href="" target="_blank">Blogger Tutorial</a>


Oh ya, i call this trick with name "simple trick" because: To generate this type we just need for Link generator Tool (was available in posting wall), and adding target="_blank" (you can type it manually with your keyboard) as an open new tab data. Then, you can use this trick every time for example: when you post the link out content from your blog, Etc. Feel you sure can do it - Blogging is easy!

Hopefully helpful_

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